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The brief

Social media is an integral part of National Grid’s new approach to communications and customer service, driving improvements in experience and brand reputation by opening up internal access to all staff. National Grid wanted to get better at engaging with the external world, supporting employees who want to build relationships with stakeholders and customers. The brief was to create a online campaign that supported the new social media policy and engaged with all employees – making them aware of
the changes and the best practices that the policy communicates.

National Grid required a robust education campaign and clear guidance material to help employees understand acceptable online behaviour, but also wanted to connect emotionally and translate policy and process in a way that people would understand straight away.

The solution

We created two online social media campaigns – one targeted at employees and one to leaders – to explain the benefits of social media within National Grid, helping engagement with the external world and supporting employees who want to build relationships with stakeholders and customers. The campaign ran both in the UK and US.

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Animated campaign for leaders
We created an animated sequence to be used online and at conferences to introduce and explain to leaders how National Grid were opening up the use of social media within the business. The theme of ‘open’ was used throughout the film with every frame linked by the use of the letter ‘O’. The sequences used kinetic typography and simple icons along with a narrative voiceover to deliver the key messages in an impactful and memorable way.

“We are opening up the world of social media to our staff. As an integral part of our approach to communications and customer service, we want you to see the bigger picture…”

Animated campaign for all employees
A second piece of animation, which was interactive and walked employees through various real-life scenarios, contained real examples of good and bad practice when using social media. We created a visual look, feel and tone of voice for social media, using a illustrative style that was engaging, straightforward and charming. Animations were used to tell the stories, describing how and when to use social media, examples of good and bad practice and the policies that should be observed. All the appropriate policies were also featured and linked to their intranet.

The result

In the initial three months after launch, the article was ranked number three in the most read news stories on the internal Infonet (out of over 200) and was read by 4,460 people. This was beaten only by a crisis communication in the US, which was received with particular interest as it was one of the biggest incidents National Grid has ever had to deal with.

With over 110 ‘likes’ (employees clicking the ‘like’ option), previously likes had been negligible. This campaign is currently the all time top- rated story published on Infonet news.

In the initial seven weeks the policy received 1,120 views, compared to the 200 average based on past policies. The Social Media hub page on Infonet has been visited 1,522 times.

The campaign has won a trio of awards…
Digital Impact Award for ‘Best Digital Employee Communication’.
Internal Communication Award for ‘Best Electronic Design’ and ‘Most Innovative Campaign’.

“We are all really pleased with the results and we know that our employees appreciate a fresher approach to the subject.”

Geraldine Mapp
Corporate Functions
Senior Business Partner